Marine Insurance

  • We specialize in hull and P&I casualty investigations for maritime insurance claims, and related adjusting recommendations.

  • We provide marina, boatyard, pier & dock, machinery and marine equipment damage assessments and adjusting recommendations.

  • We coordinate marine salvage & recovery operations for vessel recovery.

  • We provide “snapshot” vessel & marina inspections for underwriting risk assessments.

  • We offer full condition and value surveys for underwriters and financial institutions.

  • We provide pier and dock inspection and P&I risk evaluation services, and dock & pier replacement and ACV evaluations.

  • We provide inspections and technical evaluations of maritime machinery & mechanical failures.

Additional Surveys

  • Safety inspections, specifications and criteria for loss control for passenger vessels.

  •  Safety inspections of piers and docks, and recommendations for loss control.

  • Vessel electrolysis analysis.

Consulting Services

  • Financial assessment/disposition recommendations and marine advice to financial institutions.

  • Reconstruction technical advice.

  • Expert witness/technical advice to the legal profession.